Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two Hour Testing

Today Ms. D had two hours of cognitive testing to see what kind of therapy would best suit her. She did not want to go. At all. Of course, she was going to be with a stranger while we met with Dr. A. As she was going out the door, I noticed she was putting on a black jacket over her black shirt and had black pants on. I joked to her and told her if she wore any more black, they might think she was depressed and want her to go to more therapy. Ms. D immediately ran over to her room and put on another jacket. She has made up her mind that she doesn't want anyone else but Polly, her old therapist, who has retired. Hopefully she'll warm up to Dr. A like she warmed up to my daughters-in-law.

Hubby and I talked to Dr. A some more while Ms. D was being tested. We told of some more background, and she gave us a couple of things to do and to look for. One of the things was to note when Ms. D passes out, seizes, zones out, or sleeps around stressful events. Well, I have one now! Ms. D went to her bedroom and fell asleep as soon as we came home!

Blackbelt daughter did an awesome job with Mr. I while we were gone. They did art for about an hour, went shopping for a neighbor boy, and then went out for a smoothie. When I came back they were watching a movie together!  Because Mr. I tends to act strangely when stressed or tired, and he had two boys sleeping over here last night, I was pretty anxious about how it would all go. But Blackbelt daughter kept him busy and happy. Whoohooo!!!

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