Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Always Room For One More

Last night I got a frantic call from Birthmother. Actually, since I was charging my phone in another room and didn't hear it ring, it was many calls and messages. I called her back at 11:00 last night, just before bed, and found out that the kid's 15, almost 16 year old birth brother was in the shelter overnight. He was about to be placed in foster care because of a nine year old warrant out when the kids were all to be in foster care.  Birthmother asked if we could take him in and I told her we'd think and pray about it over night. Well, Hubby figured something like this would happen and we both like the brother, so we contacted the county this morning. The social worker came, inspected our home for an emergency placement and now, after just a few hours, we have the birth brother here. He'll stay at least until Thursday, when he has a hearing, but it can be longer.

You can imagine the excitement and the rushing of getting the house halfway together, even while taking care of Hubby as he recuperates after his hospitalization. I am so thankful that Photography Son and his wife cleaned the kitchen while I was with Hubby at the hospital yesterday. At least that wasn't a worry. Another thing I'm thankful for is that I had recently painted the hallway and took down the smoke alarm. Just before hubby went to the hospital, we got a new one at the hardware store. I had to put it up while the  social worker was here, but at least we had it handy. There wasn't time to get one at the store, since we had only a half hour notice before she came. Everything had to be done quickly because of a new rule that kids can't stay at the shelter more than 24 hours. He needed to be picked up by 1:00 pm or go to a foster home. At least here he can be in a familiar place with his siblings. Everything went so quickly. I'm still a little bit shaky!

Oh, and today the oldest birth brother's trial is starting with the jury selection. Birthmom has to talk to the social worker and also look for more housing. And I think I have a lot on my plate!

I'm so fluttery and excited that the kids noticed, and told me to sit down and relax. If they notice, I guess I do need to calm down!

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