Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back in the Hospital...

There is now a well worn path from our house to the hospital. Yes, Hubby is back at Kaiser again.

Yesterday Hubby wasn't feeling very well. His temperature bounced from the 99's to the 98's all afternoon. I was at first thinking he was coming down with the cold the kids have so I went to church last night. But when I got back, his fever was 101 so we went to the hospital. The emergency room was crowded since it was a Saturday night, but they got us in right away. Because Hubby just had surgery, he was admitted and is on IV antibiotics. He is responding well and feeling better every hour. Right now he's trying to eat his lunch with his left hand, since they have his right arm hooked up this time.

He has a better view from his window this time, the last one he could only see sky and treetops.

Our house is is in this direction, towards the small hill on the left about two miles away.  Do you see the well worn path?

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