Saturday, January 7, 2012

Being a Blessing

Today I went to a conference put on by my church. Brian Burton, and Englishman who lives in Thailand, spoke and awesome message on being a blessing to the nations. He had a lot of cool God stories, of how ordinary people do extraordinary things by blessing people, getting to know people, ministering to their felt needs and then sharing the gospel. He worked for years trying to get people into his church. But when the tsunami came his church turned into a makeshift hospital, he changed his thinking to bring the church to the people and release ordinary people to be ministers of the Gospel. And since then, thousands have been blessed and thousands have come to God. He and the Christians of Thailand have built a hospital, schools, and even a village. And even the government leaders have responded to the way the Christians have blessed the nation. It was very encouraging to me.

Now God usually talks to me in a theme. I read things, I hear a speaker, someone mentions something, etc, all in a short period of time. This week is no different. I just wrote about a book, The Grace Effect, that had a theme of how Christianity affects a culture and is a blessing to even those who don't know God. And today I go to a conference that encouraged us to be a blessing to those we come in contact, our leaders, and our city, our nation, and the world. Do you see a connection?

I have been doing quite a bit to be a blessing, though I can always do more. I do pray for others, that God will bless them, whether or not they are a Christian. But the thing that is hitting me right now is to believe in a deeper way that God will do more than I expect through these efforts. Sometimes I can get in a rut of doing good and being a blessing to others but not expect much fruit. It's kind of like praying for hundreds of people but not expecting God to heal them. I need to expect that God will do what He says, that I can really make a difference in people's lives, and that they will be able to bless others as they are blessed. I need to think bigger. Because God has a lot of love to give, and He uses little people like me to show others His great, big Love.

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