Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Homeschool Kids Do Math

This is Ms. D doing her math.

She found Photography Son's old algebra book and wanted to start it, since other kids her age are in algebra. I don't think she's ready, but since she's done quite a bit of pre-algebra and has the desire, why not? She'll probably have to repeat it anyway. She does well in math, but the logic that's needed for algebra might make it harder for her. We'll just take our time and do it again and again if necessary. There's no shame in that.

Mr. I is regressing as far as behavior goes because he's worried about Hubby's surgery. Mr. I won't admit it, but it still comes out. We had a rough time last night because of it. He wasn't the only one dysregulated!  We certainly had an easy example when we talked about forgiveness this morning. I hope we don't have to practice forgiveness again any time soon!

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