Monday, January 30, 2012

Hubby is Home!

Hubby is Home!!!

He couldn't get out of the place fast enough! He was feeling much better after a couple of days of antibiotics. The doctor was pleased with the progress and let him out a day before he expected. I don't know if Hubby could have stood one more day in there, though. I could tell he was feeling better and ready to come home this afternoon when he was bored by the pretty nature video on the TV that kept him captivated yesterday and last week.  Fortunately, the nurse who discharged him saw how anxious he was to get out of that room, she let him walk out, instead of the traditional wheelchair ride to the front door. I barely had enough time to gather his things to walk beside him, he was so itchy to get out of there!

Now, hopefully, we can settle down to a good routine. The kids have had a hard time with Hubby's second hospitalization. I don't know if it's because they have colds, the recent excitement from the birth family contact and birth brother staying with us a couple of days, or because this time Hubby went to the hospital unexpectedly when Mr. I was out with a friend. Maybe it's because of a combination of these things and more, but it's been a rough couple of days. Mr. I has been having nightmares, and both have been more clingy and needy.

There have been blessings in the second hospitalization, though. Hubby healed quickly. The older daughters have helped a lot with the house and the little kids. The neighbor who gave us a meal after Ms. D's hospitalization gave us a delicious coffee cake last night. People prayed for us. God kept me safe despite my clumsiness yesterday. I am even surprised that I have stayed upbeat through all this. I keep thinking that I should be a wreck right now!

But tonight the whole family is happy. There is laughter and joy in our house. Hubby is home and feeling well!

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