Friday, January 27, 2012

Looking on the Bright Side!

It helps to look on the bright side of things. Sometimes I get discouraged by things and am tempted to grumble, overwhelmed, and negative. I forget to be thankful for what I do have. Yes, some things are difficult. Some situations can be depressing. There is a time to grieve. But there comes a point where I find myself becoming unnecessarily depressed. There comes a time when I need to look at the bright side and find the good in a situation.

Here is a fun song sung in 1932 by Gracie Fields.

Yesterday, when I was sitting outside of the courtroom with Birthmom, she was feeling bad about the whole situation. Her son, my kids' birth brother, had been taken away from her for three days because of a nine year old warrant for him to be put in foster care when my kids were also taken away from her. That's why we had him at our house this week and she had to go through a few hearings and a lot of red tape. This is all happening when she was homeless and finding a new place to stay, her oldest son had a trial (that thankfully was delayed again), and she had to also go through a program after her jail time. She was a bit negative about not having her son with her, the timing, and the hassle of going through scary hearings and so much more red tape. But just before the hearing, we were told that everyone was recommending that the boy be returned to her and that she would get family reunification services for a few weeks or months. So I told her, "Do you realize that it might be a good thing this all happened?" She looked at me funny until I told her that because of this situation, she will get more services just when she needs them. She smiled and remembered what this all means. She will get more support and help now! Birthmom went from sad and worried to happy just by looking at the bright side!

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