Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Must Read if You Ever Struggled to Like Someone!!!

Today I read a blog by One Thankful Mom that really hit me. She talked about how, even though we love someone, sometimes it's hard to like  them. I won't go into it anymore, she is able to say it so much better than I can, but it really hit a chord with me.  Please read it if you ever had a hard time liking someone!

Even though I love them, I struggle to like the birth family because of what they do and have done to my kids. There are other people, even my kids sometimes, that rub me the wrong way or behave in ways that annoy me. But I need to list what I like about them. I need to focus on their likeable qualities. God delights in them, and I need to see them more like He does. And as I learn to like them, I will learn to love them more. 

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