Monday, January 16, 2012


So many things require preparation.

I prepare for the year of homeschooling by picking out and buying curriculum, getting the paperwork organized, and reflecting on goals for the coming year. We prepared for adoption by taking classes, getting the bedrooms ready, more and more paperwork, doctors' appointments, fingerprints, reading about adoption and other things like RAD, gathering a group of people who could support us, more paperwork, providing respite for other foster kids, took CPR and First aid training, and more.  Blackbelt Daughter was in a friend's wedding yesterday and helped her friend prepare for weeks, no months before the big day. Even Photography son's impromtu mini vacation with his wife this week needed a bit of preparation in getting Microbio Daughter's help in house sitting and pet watching and adjusting work schedules.

Of course, things change, and we have to be flexible. Sometimes things come up or things don't work out as planned.  I didn't plan for Ms. D to have seizures, or Hubby's emergency room visits. And sometimes it's fun to get creative and change things around. We hear of a cool field trip or something spurs an interest that is outside of the plans and so we don't do our normal lessons. But it helps to have a plan, a guideline, or at least get things prepared beforehand. When my kids were little, I noticed a big difference in the day if I overslept or the kids would wake up before I did. Things ran much smoother if I could spend some quiet time and got things prepared for the day before the big morning rush started. Now being organized isn't my strong point by any means, I'm more of a spontaneous, creative person. My usual way of doing things is to tackle one problem at a time, even if it means packing the day of a trip, or planning for a lesson at the last minute. But I'm finding that I am more peaceful and there are less crisis times when I prepare for things in advance.

So now in the days before Hubby's surgery, we are preparing so that things run smoother while he is gone and recovering. He had pre-op appointments last week to make sure he was ready physically for surgery. He cleaned the fish tank and cleaned out the pond pump, jobs I don't really know how to do or care to learn. He wrote out the donor letters for his non-profit . I'm getting childcare arranged for surgery day, cleaning, and plan to make meals ahead of time and do some more cleaning and laundry. We did a little schoolwork today, even though it's a holiday, so that we can keep up and so I don't feel stressed about the kids missing even more school. There is so much to do, yet the more we do now, the smoother things should run later.

Not all things in life are predictable, but I'm really trying to be less of a last minute procrastinator, and more of a flexible planner. It's not my nature to plan and prepare much in advance, but I just can't afford to live in crisis mode all the time.  My frequent migraines the past two months are telling me to change something. And I think this is one of the things I can change. It will take time to learn and change habits, but it will be worth it.

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