Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sista' Love

I have two sisters. No one can make me laugh longer, cry harder, or understand my background better than they can. They remember things that I've blocked from my memory, and have helped me to understand myself better. We've fought like cats, we've slept in the same room growing up, we even went to the same high school at the same time, which was when I really realized we were so close in age. We have such different personalities and adult life experiences, yet we share so many things.

One of my sisters called me last night because she was concerned for me and my family. While we were talking, I was in the middle of another migraine. Yes, I've had quite a few these past few weeks. It's a sign I'm getting a bit too stressed about all that's going on. The headache wasn't painful yet, but the other symptoms were there. Last night I even had to send Hubby to deliver some donated bread because the migraine symptoms make it difficult for me to drive. I drop things because I get clumsy, have vision problems, can't remember names of things, and headlights hurt.  You really don't want me on the road!

But one good thing came out of this headache. My sister was wondering why I get them and she doesn't.  I then told her about silent migraines, which have the symptoms of a migraine, but not the pain. Only about 1/4th of the migraines I get end up painful, but the rest can be almost as debilitating. If you want more info on silent migraines, click here. I didn't have migraine pain, yet had the other symptoms, including seeing pretty, flashy prisms, for years before I made the connection. Anyway, there are ways to treat migraines, and now my sister will be able to take care of herself better.

I'm so glad that even though we live in three different states, we can still be in contact and help each other. Because even a "little" thing like calling or a Facebook message is such a big thing and is such an encouragement. My sisters are awesome! I love them so much!

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