Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Strawberries in January

I was getting a little overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff this afternoon. I took Hubby to an appointment this morning where he was injected with a dye that made his blood vessels glow, given a diuretic, and then told to drink a lot. Now this would be uncomfortable for anyone, but to someone whose ureter is constricted, it was very painful. So when I took him home, we went pretty much straight to bed with one of the big pain pills and is sleeping the rest of the day away. Now a nap would have been good for me, since Hubby woke up extra early this morning due to the excitement of the procedure, and cut off an hour or so of badly needed sleep for me.  But then a friend called. She's going through so much more than I am, if you can believe that! While I was walking with Ms. D, I gave the neighbor who lost her dad last week a hug when I saw her. What makes it hard for the neighbor is that the hospital was neglectful and never checked him for what was causing his pain. I also found out that the grandfather of our friend in Nicaragua died. Other friends and neighbors are going through a lot right now, job loss, illness, etc. And added to all this, I wasn't feeling well, which lowers my capacity to give out. But I still couldn't rest because I needed to go grocery shopping.

While shopping, I realized that I was taking on too much of the burden for those I love. Yes, I need to pray for them and love them, but then I need to let God take care of the rest. Now that's kind of hard for a mom type like me. But I'm not made to carry the weight of the world, the sorrow, the injustice, the pain. Being overwhelmed myself isn't going to help anyone!

So then, when I was at the farmer's market, I decided to look for some things I can be thankful for. And right away I saw it! Fresh, local strawberries in January!!!

While some people are getting an Arctic blast, I am walking in the sunshine in shirtsleeves. While they are getting produce shipped across the country, I'm eating lettuce, oranges, and strawberries grown less than 50 miles away, some of it from our front yard. Yes, we have a lot of crazy new laws to deal with, not everything is going as well as I would hope, but there still are a lot of blessings. And that's where I need to keep my heart focused.

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