Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Take What You Need

While walking the neighbor dogs this afternoon, I noticed this sign stuck to a tree next to the paseo (walkway, path, or sidewalk for you gringos).

Under the message, Take What You Need, were things like love, happiness, peace, faith, forgiveness...

And in small letters going up the right side is this message: Now go do something to brighten someone's day.

I really like this sign. It reminds me that God has so many blessings. Sometimes I feel so drained, or worried about finances, or harried and I forget to look to God and receive from Him what I need. He is a good God, He loves me, and He has so much for me. And it doesn't stop there. He wants me to not just hoard what I get, but to freely give to others like He has freely given to me. It is so tempting to be in a poverty mindset or to think there is only a little bit of blessings to go around. But in God's economy, the more we give, the more there is to give. I want to give more of my time, resources, money, talents, love, and all the rest of what God gives me.

Because the world will be a better place if each of us gives, even if we have just a little.

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