Thursday, January 19, 2012

Textbook Surgery!

Hubby had his surgery today and it went really well. It only lasted 1 1/2 hours, an hour or more shorter than expected. The doctor said it was just like they thought and it was a "textbook case". He wished he had a camera to take a picture of the blood vessels constricting the ureter. I told him, "It's times like these you wish you had a student to watch, isn't it?" There were no surprises, which is really good. And the other good thing is that it was obvious what the problem was. Nothing is worse than to go to the doctor or mechanic and not be sure that the things done would fix the problem. So Hubby is fortunate. Now he just needs to heal.

One thing we were worried about before the surgery was how Hubby would react to the anesthesia. After his last surgery 20 years ago, Hubby didn't fully wake fully from the anesthesia for over 12 hours and hallucinated about being tortured in a gulag. This time he told me he started to get up in the recovery room thinking he had to get ready for work. But the nurses ran to him to tell him to stay down and he did. He was groggy when I saw him later, but still had a sense of humor. He told me that he wanted to run the hills tomorrow. I asked him if he was joking, and he just said hmmm and fell asleep. I was pretty worried that he was back to his hallucinations because of the medication. But a few minutes later he told me he really was just joking! He just wanted to see my reaction! Funny guy!

Thank you everyone who prayed for Hubby and helped with the kids and house. I am so blessed by my friends and family!

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