Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today I Didn't Do Much, Except...

Today I tried to rest a bit. I've been doing too much and getting too tired to function. Somebody must be praying for me, because I really do feel rested. Hubby is talking on the phone right now and said I was holding up pretty good. If the family notices it, I must not be too bad! I'm not very good at hiding what I feel.

Now, looking back, I found I've actually accomplished quite a bit. I'm glad I went to nursing school, even if it was 30 years ago, because I've had to help Hubby with various drains, medications, and other things to help him heal. I did some homeschool with the kids and did some laundry, cooking, and a little cleaning. I picked up a couple of computers for Nicaragua at a repair place. Now we were completely blessed because they charged half of what they quoted and threw in a power supply too! That was so amazing! We picked up one of the older birth brothers from another part of town so the kids could be together and play some football. I dropped them off at the house, and then went grocery shopping. I even got to do a little yard work before the sun set!

It's amazing how after doing all that, and more, how rested I feel! God is so good!

Tomorrow we find out if the kid's birth brother will go home tomorrow or stay another three weeks. He's been doing well but he needs to help his mom at home.

But now it's time to finish cooking dinner. Thanks for all the prayers. I feel them!

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