Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yo Yo Days

Yesterday was a yo yo day. There were highs and there were lows. Some of the lows were close in time, making it even more stressful. Maybe things will be more even keeled someday, probably when I reach the ever elusive day when I'm organized.

Hubby is still feeling sick. He changed his pain medication around a bit in anticipation of the surgery. Of course, the medication that he can take now either doesn't work or makes him sleepy. Just a few more days!

I took Ms. D to finish her cognitive testing and was able to get some grocery shopping in while I waited. I timed it perfectly, and was back at the office ten minutes before she finished. So the high was I got the shopping done, and the low was that I am still grieving about Ms. D's testing. I'm relieved that they are finding things, but sad for what the results would mean. I'll also have to make a decision of what to tell the birth mom. That will be hard. How can you tell a mother that her child is developmentally delayed because of she drank while pregnant? It's not a very encouraging thing to hear, and Birthmom is going through even more than we are.

Ms. D found another dog while we were dog walking. She knew the owners, but they ended up not being home until well after dark which made it a bit difficult because Hubby won't allow dogs in the house. But it makes Ms. D happy to rescue dogs. She actually found a couple of other dogs down our street running around and put them inside their fence yesterday, so she got to rescue three dogs in one day.

Mr. I was overly excited about spending a couple of days with a friend. It made for some interesting behaviors. I was able to sew one of his shoes up to his satisfaction. That jerk dancing he likes to do is so hard on shoes! We just got the pair a month ago and they are already ripping! So even though Mr. I was a bit dysregulated, we got a break when he went to his friend's.

One daughter, who I won't name, locked the keys in the van last night. Fortunately we have AAA and so we called them this morning to open the door. It was actually a bit unsettling how fast the guy was able to break in the van, but I'm so glad that he was able to open it. We'll have to get another set of keys made soon. It would have been much easier, had we known where the spare keys were. The last time anyone saw the other keys it was a while ago in Ms. D's room.

We also found out, within minutes of the key problem, that Microbio Daughter's car will need a new engine. The repair will cost almost the worth of the car, but she decided today to fix it anyway, since most cars in her price range are even older and potentially more costly in future repairs. I'm glad we have a neighbor who is a mechanic we can trust. He thought it was worth it too.

We had my oldest son and his family over for dinner. They walked in with the baby just after the key and engine news. I guess I was stressed enough that Microbio Daughter could see it on my face. I do something with my mouth when stressed or deep in thought. Maybe I should see what it is and fix it, though it might be too scary!  But it was a good visit, despite my preoccupation with other things. I really enjoy it when I can see my grandson, and it was even nicer last night when they cleaned my refrigerator and kitchen. I hadn't deep cleaned the refrigerator since Thanksgiving. I didn't have time or energy (because of so many migraines) to do more than a quick pulling out of things here and there, so it was pretty bad. I was surprised at how quickly they were able to get things done. It was so wonderful!

So even though there were rough patches yesterday, it all ended well. The yo yo day ended on an upswing.

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