Monday, February 20, 2012


Today was a day of blessings.

We got our state income tax back so we were able to pay the federal taxes today.
Hubby is slowly feeling better and was able to almost finish a computer program for a university in Nicaragua in about a day or so.

The kids played with their friends and walked to the local McDonald's with a group of friends without incident. Mr. I was a bit dysregulated today, but calmed down considerably later in the day.

Hubby and I took a computer to the Apple store. They replaced a battery that was swelling and fixed the body of the computer in about 15 minutes. This is the same store that I had to wait an hour to be helped before, even with an appointment. They fixed the computer in record time and for free.

While we were out we got a call to pick up a bunch of perishable donated food and we were able to bless a number of families. It has been fun to bring the food to those who are struggling and to other churches to distribute.

Grandson and family came for a visit. We were able to see him walk, chatter, and be his wonderful, sweet self! I always love having them over!

We dropped some food over to the birth family fairly late tonight. Since it is near the end of the month, it was greatly appreciated. They also know others in need, so they will be able to bless them. We talked about God providing and our dependence on Him for everything. We stayed about an hour, but had to leave because of bed time. Our kids go to sleep much earlier than they are used to.

Kids With Birthmom and Little Cousins

So today was a day of blessings. Things went smoothly and God provided in so many ways.
We are so blessed.

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