Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho...

It's off to work we go!

Hubby went back to work yesterday for a half day. He was so excited to be back at SLAC. Of course he's still recovering from surgery, so he came home pretty tired.  But it was a good day for him and he's back to work today.

Photography son fixed my dishwasher! I've been washing dishes by hand since October, so my hands were very dry. I couldn't slather enough lotion on to keep up with all the times I had my hands in hot water, washing dishes for a large family. The kids helped, but I still did most of them. I actually enjoy hand washing dishes, it's one of my favorite chores, but I am so glad I don't HAVE to do it! My hands will be happy! Maybe now I'll have time to do one of my least favorite chores, like sorting socks. :-P

We are getting back to a normal homeschool and housework schedule. It felt so good to get things done yesterday. I have a new appreciation for housework. It's weird to think I was actually wanting to go home and clean while I was with Hubby and Ms. D in the hospital. I'm thankful for the blessing of not having another crisis and to be able to settle down and get my house in order. I'm not one of those people who normally enjoys most chores. But maybe God was working with me in that area, to let me long for something I took for granted before.  Hmmm...maybe He's doing that in other areas of my life also, like the way I've been longing for a closer relationship with Him, to spend more time with Him, and to feel His presence more throughout my day. There's something to this longing thing...

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