Friday, February 3, 2012

Hitting the Wall

Sometimes we hit a wall in life.

Mr. I hit a wall this week in math. I've been too busy the past three months with hospital stays, doctor appointments, birth family drama, the shooting of the neighbor girls, psychology appointments, birthdays, and Christmas, to help him with his math much.  Our typical way to do math in the higher grades is to have the kids read their own lesson, do the problems, and I would look it over and help them on the questions they did wrong and concepts they didn't understand. This works well when I have the time to keep up with them. But it didn't work with Mr. I lately. While in the hospital with Ms. D and Hubby, Mr. I skipped the most important problems that practiced the new material. He's a master at getting out of work! So this week when I checked his math, he got most of the problems wrong. He was practicing the incorrect way to add and multiply fractions. He had also forgotten a lot of what he knew last fall. He hit a wall.

So what do you do when you hit a wall in homeschooling? You first try to go over the concepts they forgot or didn't learn the first time around, while you continue to go forward with the lessons. We did that all this week. But because there were too many gaps, we had to go to plan B, which is to restart at the beginning of the book. Plan C is to ditch the book or method and start with a new one that might match the learning style better. Hopefully I won't have to go to plan C in math, since we're all used to this curriculum, but we'll see how it goes.

I'm also feeling like I'm hitting a wall. I'm pretty good at holding it together, more or less, during a crisis, but fall apart after everything calms down. I felt it coming on last weekend, so I went to church by myself in order to avoid the wall. Of course, I came home to Hubby with a fever. He had a UTI after a pyeloplasty, which isn't a very good thing at all, and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. This week was filled with doctor appointments for Hubby to shed some of the tubes and get paperwork done. But now that things are beginning to calm down, I feel a bit sad and anxious. I'm starting to hit a wall.

So what am I going to do when I hit a wall in my emotions after a stressful time?  Well, I'm going to go to a women's homeschool retreat! It was scheduled for this weekend and I had paid for it months ago. It is at the perfect time for me. God's timing is good. There is nothing planned, other than a restaurant meal Saturday night followed by praying for each other. There are no speakers, no agendas, and no being pulled in different directions. I will be able to pray, knit or crochet, read, talk, sleep, take walks on the beach, and whatever else I want to do. I pray that God will take care of the family while I'm gone, and also that I will be able to slow down enough to evaluate, plan, or just rest in His presence.

I hope that instead of hitting a wall, I'll be able to slide into a place of peace.

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