Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Today was Leap Day, an extra day in the year, and I did nothing. Well, next to nothing, because we are all sick with bad colds and sore throats. So we didn't do more than Bible for school and whatever the kids did on the computer. I'll check tomorrow to see if they did anything, when I hope to feel better. I didn't sew, knit, or crochet. I didn't clean, other than to clear off the table for supper and help Mr. I sop up the juice he spilled twice. Yes, he spilled juice twice in one day. The kids are more accident prone when Mommy is sick, and even more so when they aren't feeling well. It kind of throws them for a loop to see me horizontal. I did cook supper, an enchilada casserole, for the crew and loaded the dishwasher once, but I didn't do laundry. I helped Ms. D walk the neighbor dogs part of the way, but I went straight to the sofa and watched a movie right after I came in. I didn't use this extra day in the year for much of anything productive. And that's OK. Because tomorrow will be a new day. And I hope the rest I had today will help me to heal. And if I'm not better, I might just have another unproductive day. Well, except for laundry. We have a lot of towels that have juice on them.

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