Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skype & Grandson = Joy

What did grandparents do before Skype?

Our family is passing around a cold and last week the kids had strep, so we've been avoiding contact with my grandson. We don't want to spread the illness to him. But at the same time, we miss the little guy. This is where Skype comes in. We can't snuggle and kiss his little cheek, but we can see him play, toddle around, and try out his latest smiles and baby talk. I am so thankful that we can see him, yet not infect him. I think about how technology has helped us to stay connected to loved ones all around the world. Missionaries can see their grandchildren, soldiers can talk to their kids, families and friends that are separated by distance can still stay in contact. It isn't anything like the nineteenth century when people would never see their loved ones again after emigrating two thousand miles away. We are so blessed!

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