Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Planting

That our yard has got out of hand this winter is an understatement!

I've just been so busy with health things, and kid things, and laundry, and dishes, and...

My yard and garden have suffered.

Fortunately, things don't grow quite so quickly in the winter, even in California, so I have hope I can get things somewhat under control.  This week I've been able to pull a few weeds, mow our little patch of lawn, and cut down some more palm branches. The last few days have been beautiful, yesterday even hitting eighty degrees. Today it isn't so hot, but it is the perfect temperature to do some heavy work. Hubby isn't supposed to overdo it yet because of his surgery, so I chopped out a dead grape vine and then planted two kiwi plants.

 Grape Vine I Chopped Out 

Ms. D wanted me to promise not to carry any more "trees" in the Prius. We went to the fruit and vegetable store yesterday. Ms. D wanted to finish listening to a song in the car, so I told her I'd look in the garden store next to us. It was a beautiful day to go to a garden store, the kind of day that it is pretty dangerous to go to a garden store, especially when we have little room for any more plants! Well, I was wanting to replace the grapevines with kiwis. I'm not sure what killed the grapes and don't want whatever killed them to do the same to any new grapes I would plant. I really liked having vines growing over our back patio in the summer. It's a lot cooler there with a green canopy. I saw the kiwis, both male and female, and decided to bring them home right the Prius...and they are about eight feet tall.  The kiwis barely fit, but we were able to arrange them so that the tips kept brushing up against Ms. D. I think I embarrassed her a bit! It's really easy to embarrass a 13 year old, isn't it? But it is so hard to find both male and female kiwis at the same time, they won't pollenate otherwise, so I needed to act fast.

So anyway, I'm pretty happy that I planted the kiwis within a day of bringing them home. Nothing is worse than to pay for a plant, only to get so busy that it never makes in the ground. The yard is still a mess, even with the work I've done. But I've started to clean things up, the weather is nice, and it's good to be outside.

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