Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Things We Take For Granted

I often get so used to blessings that I forget what amazing gifts those things are. Sometimes I take for granted good health, electricity, clean water, beautiful sunsets, a loving family, and so much more. I often forget how much I am blessed by something until it is gone or until someone I know is suffering. Illness comes to our family or to someone close to us. We visit friends in Nicaragua who get their water from a dirty well or who have spotty electricity, if any at all, and realize that not everyone in the world has reliable utilities. Hubby and I have a good marriage, despite raising kids with special needs, yet I see so many around us who are struggling. I am warm, dry, and full. I have all I need and so much more. 

I am blessed.

Yesterday, while I was driving down the highway to go grocery and feed store shopping, I saw this view. I asked Ms. D to snap a picture...with my iphone, which I also take for granted.
Hwy. 101 Near Morgan Hill, CA
The mustard plants were blooming and were practically glowing in the broken sunlight. I grew up in Illinois. I would have marveled at these hills which I hardly notice anymore, because they are so common in the West. I'm wondering how many other things I take for granted now, that would amaze someone from another part of the world, in a different situation, or in a different era. I would guess it would be quite a bit. 

I hope I never forget just how blessed I am. I hope I will be thankful for all God has given me, for the love of those around me, and for the beauty in this world.

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