Friday, February 17, 2012

Time For a Little Sewing

Today I had a bit of time to sew. Not too much, because we were trying to catch up with a little school work, but enough for a baby shower tomorrow. Nothing like waiting for the last minute to finish something!

I made a changing pad and a wet bag for diapers. The bag was much easier than I would think. I just had to make a long rectangle out of PUL, be sure the zipper was put on the right way, sew up the sides, and turn it right side out.

The changing pad was just flannel on one side and Pul on the other. I put the two pieces right sides together, sewed the seams, turned it right side out, and topstitched all around to close the opening and to finish it off.

Wet Bag and Changing Pad

This evening, as I was dropping off Mr. I at a friend's house, I saw a neighbor shine his car. I told him that if he made it any shinier, I would be blinded by the glare! He told me that he was getting it ready to sell. It reminded me of how Hubby and I used to joke about how if we saw someone put fresh bark chips on their flower beds, the next thing to look for was a for sale sign. Nowadays, it's the opposite. When we see that someone isn't keeping their house up, we start looking for another foreclosure. We've had four foreclosures or short sales on our street of a couple of dozen houses lately.

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