Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ummm...I Thought the Seizures Were Over.

Ok. What's going on here? Our life is settling down. I know, it can't really settle down completely, not with one child who is still dysregulated. He is making sure subconsciously that I know it was hard for him these past few weeks. I mean, how many twelve year old boys do you know who refuse to go into their mom's bathroom because he's afraid of the back of the house? He's given me a hard time this week, but I'm handling it with calm and a happy face. Of course, he also swears at me for having a happy face when he is miserable, but one of us has to have a good time, right?

So I thought Ms. D was done with the seizure thing. Ok, she had one where she passed out in Birthmom's arms after crying when the birth brother was here, but there was a reason. She was very emotional, and I thought it was good that she cried. Really.

Oh, and then there was last weekend when she had really bad cramps when I was at the retreat. She threw up and then did a funny thing with her eyes and passed out. But that can be explained too.

But I can't figure out today's half hour of passing out and twitching. I'll have to figure this out.

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