Monday, February 27, 2012

Your Friend is My Friend and My Friend is Your Friend!

Sometimes I have connections with people and I don't even know it!

Tonight I went to another homeschool network meeting in our area. A friend emailed me with some information on a women's praise and worship night. I made sure I went, with all that is going on in our life. When things get crazy all around me, the only one that keeps me centered and on my feet is God, the solid rock. And I knew deep down that I needed this night to remind me who is in control, because I sure am not!

The worship was wonderful. The scripture in Isaiah 54 gave me hope. The prayer for me reminded me that I can have peace because God is the foundation of our household.

But do you know what was really fun?
...Finding out that some of the women there were good friends with some of my good friends, yet I had never met them until today. I almost met one a couple of days ago, but she couldn't walk with my friend. Another had seen my picture on Facebook yesterday while looking for a neighbor with the same name, and wondered why I seemed to know so many of her friends.

It's awesome to see connections like this! It shows me how God delights in surprising us. And it shows me that I am not alone in this life. There are people out there who are just one connection away who can be a blessing to me, and I to them.

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