Monday, March 5, 2012

Bee Guild Date Night

Hubby and I ran out on the kids again tonight and left the kids with Microbio daughter. Whoohooo!!!

This time we went to our monthly bee guild meeting.  If you are interested in raising bees, or even want to learn more about them, I'd recommend going to a meeting like this to learn from the collective wisdom of bee keepers. Now beekeepers are pretty diverse, but a rather laid back group of people. I guess that comes with having a hobby like beekeeping where if you get overexcited, the bees can sense it. The bee people also bend over backwards to help others who are just starting out. We learned a lot this time, even though we had gone to a similar class before. And as an added bonus, Hubby and I had another date night! It's so good to have something else we can share as a couple. I'm glad we went.

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