Friday, March 30, 2012


We got a couple of bee packages yesterday. Hubby picked them up while I took care of Grandson.

I didn't know how he'd handle Grandpa in a bee suit, but Grandson thought it was pretty fun!

Then Hubby went on the roof to put the bees in their new homes.

I think the bee boxes are a pretty interesting way to transport the girls. The box contains some food and a special little container for the queen. Do you see how they crowd around her?

After putting the queen container into the hive, Hubby poured the rest of the bees in after her. I hope they like their new homes.

I haven't been too concerned about bees in our yard stinging us or the neighbors. Honey bees tend to be pretty docile and don't normally sting unless provoked. Some of them were even loose in the car and in our house yesterday as Hubby was transporting them and didn't bother us at all. Unfortunately, the baby next door was stung by a bee this morning. Though we don't have the only bees in the neighborhood, the neighbors across the street have them in their walls, it might have been one of ours. I think the ones that didn't make it into the hive last night were probably pretty upset. Hopefully we won't have any more incidents. I really like having our own honey.

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