Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busytown and Grace

Today I felt like a part of Busytown by Richard Scarry. It was one of my oldest son's favorite books when he was a little guy, probably because it was filled with animals doing everyday jobs and activities. He enjoyed seeing many things going on at once and it was all portrayed in a humorous way. It truly was a busy town, and like it, I had a really busy day!

It actually started the night before when I realized that time flew much too quickly while we were reading and waiting for the boys to all settle down. I didn't get to bed until after midnight. Normally, because I am a morning person, I don't need an alarm clock. But if I do, I just use my phone. I needed to leave the house at 7:30 am to get to a homeschool meeting, but I forgot my phone in another room until after I was all warm and snug in bed. So instead of getting up to set the alarm, I thought I'd just wake up on my own. You can imagine what happened then. Yes, I kept waking up to check the time every hour or so. So I didn't start the day very rested.

I made it to the homeschool leaders meeting in good time. I'm glad I went, because it helped me to see that I co-lead and awesome group. The name of our group has grace in it, and it describes our group so well. Most of us have kids with special needs, and would be discouraging to go to a group where type A moms teach their kids Latin in kindergarten. We give each other grace, room to be real, and lots of prayer and support for each other. It's really been a lifeline to me, and I think others have appreciated it as well.

From there I went to the grocery store to pick up things for two potlucks. Then it was over the Santa Cruz Mountains to go to a friends birthday and housewarming. I am so happy for her. It is a beautiful home in a woodsy, country feeling area that is just a short walking distance to a small town. I enjoyed the get together today, though I was at first a bit leery of all the therapist friends that were there. I wonder if I'm the only one who gets a little intimidated by a roomful of therapists. Are they analyzing me? I probably would! Fortunately, her friends are transparent and full of grace. I really had a good time.

Then it was time to travel a few miles down the coast to our Celebration Gathering for church. Once a month the house churches in our network get together and have a time of food, worship, testimonies, teaching, and more. Hubby came with the kids and a friend in the van and met me there. I hadn't seen the kids since the night before, so Mr. I was really happy to see me. They were all in one piece and survived a day without mom. Good job, Hubby! Oh, and guess what our pastor taught about? Grace! Well, more specifically, how Jesus came to bring grace and truth, and how we need to share about God like that.

I was pretty tired after all that, so I drove back over the mountains in the rain with the kids. I didn't have a banana mobile like the gorilla in Busytown, but I drove our little Prius, all the while thinking about how it had been a very busy day.

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