Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chocolate Class

Fun in the City!

Hubby and I went to a chocolate making class taught by the owner of Benchic Chocolate in San Francisco today. It was so fun to spend time with Hubby, learn something new, make connections, meet people, and learn about the chocolate making process. Hopefully, it might even help the people on Nicaragua who grow the cacao beans. When Hubby went to the Rama Territory last summer for his nonprofit, he found out a few of the people grew cacao trees but don't have a market. So since then, he's been trying to figure out how to get the chocolate or ingredients from there to here. This class was a chance to see what goes into some of the process. The chocolate was easier to make than I had thought.

Hubby Making Chocolate

Pouring the Chocolate into the Molds

Easy recipe

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