Friday, March 23, 2012

I Have No Idea What to Title This


The last two days were a whirlwind of activity followed by a relatively peaceful evening.

Yesterday we had Grandson over in the evening. He was totally cute and peaceful, despite the fussiness before his mom and dad left him with us for a couple of hours. Yes, even a toddler can be a good actor. When mom was around he only wanted her, but when she left he was happy with the rest of us. I'm so glad that he is attached to her though, since I know what it's like when a child is unattached and has RAD. He's learning some pretty good lessons now that will help him to live a happier live. I no longer underestimate the importance of the early years in learning how to love others and accepting other's love.

Grandpa Showing Grandson a Tree
Looking at a Jet, a Vulture, and a Bunch of Sea Gulls
Grandson and His Daddy
Today I took Ms. D back to the doctor. She was complaining of the same symptoms, had abdominal pain, and was very sleepy. The doctor felt like she was coming down with a flu that is going around, so the visit was a waste of time and money. But at least I didn't have to hear many more complaints after that. Ms. D can really obsess with the tiniest symptom, like an enlarged lymph node, and doesn't really believe me when I tell her it's something we can handle at home. I guess her birth mom is the same way. It's interesting how certain behaviors seem almost genetic.

We also went grocery shopping in the next town and met Microbio Daughter for lunch. On the way back, we passed by the place where a teenage girl disappeared last week. She went to the high school that the neighbor kids attend, and the girls picture was pasted all over the neighborhood. When we walked the dogs I thought I could talk to Ms. D about her feelings about all of this, but she wasn't in the mood for talking. I don't know if it's because she wasn't feeling well, or if it's too hard for her to talk about it. I'll try again when she feels better. I know it must be on her mind, yet it's hard to know to what extent. And I can  also use this as a way to teach the kids how to be safer, since both have made some pretty unsafe decisions lately.

This afternoon, I went to a woman's home in our house church for a prayer time. It was so good to get together with other women and receive support and prayers. At first I didn't think much had happened this week, but then I realized that the eighteen year old relative coming for a surprise visit, illness, and getting the report for Ms. D's cognitive assessment had all happened since we last met Saturday! Things that happened a week ago seem like a month, and a month seems like two. If I don't have things on my calendar, I lose track of time. I'm so glad to have my phone calendar with me most of the time. I think I'd miss a lot of appointments and important dates if I didn't have it.

When I came home from prayer, Microbio Daughter finished cooking supper and I was able to sit to a nice hot meal. I found out Hubby told Mr. I he could have some friends sleep here. They had plans spend the night outside and were pretty upset when I told them no, it was too cold and rain was coming. So now there are four boys staying up too late in one small room. I'm going to a meeting early in the morning so hopefully they will do Ok while I'm gone. I'm letting Hubby take care of things.

I did have a relaxing evening. Hubby is reading and I've been reading and goofing off on the computer. It's nice to have some down time after such a busy day and week. Tomorrow is full with a  meeting, a party, and church. Well, that's if nothing else comes up. I plan, but I have to be flexible. You never know what may happen next!

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