Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Liberation Day!

Today was Liberation Day for Hubby. He got the last tube out after his surgery and is already feeling much better. It will be good to take long walks with him again, even though he normally walks much faster than I can get my legs moving. 

Tonight I also went to a Help One Child meeting. It was good to get together with other foster and adoptive parents. It always helps to know I am not alone in this journey and there are other people who have the joys and struggles of raising kids with special needs. We also watched a Karen Purvis video. On the one hand, we feel a bit inadequate after watching it, but on the other hand we get some good ideas and encouragement to try new ways of relating to our kids. 

Earlier, when I asked Hubby if he was feeling well enough for me to leave the kids with him tonight, I joked about how the kids would respond to another night with me being gone. I told him, "Do you want to bet they both say 'Nooooooo! Do you HAVE to GO?!!!!!'" They did not disappoint! Of course they ended up having a good time, since Hubby and Microbio Daughter took them with a neighbor family out to get some ice cream. When I prayed for them when I came back, the kids were happy and content. We'll see how things go tomorrow. Maybe I should try some of the things I learned tonight from the video. It's worth a try!

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