Monday, March 5, 2012

More of Our Trip to the City

Yesterday, when we went to San Francisco for the chocolate class, we left the two youngest in the care of Microbio daughter. She has been so brave in doing things with and for the kids lately. The other day she even took Ms. D to the mall for a shopping trip and then when she came back she took Mr. I and his friends out for some sandwiches. The little ones get really dysregulated when we do things outside of the normal routine, and even more so when I leave them, even for an afternoon. It sure is hard before, during, and in the recovery stage! But it's good for me, and it's good for them to see me go and come back. It helps me to know that they are in capable hands and I don't have to worry.

We went to the city early in order to get a parking space ($18) and have time to slowly walk, since Hubby is still recovering from surgery. The class was across the street from the old US mint. There was an exhibition for history groups and museums, so we decided to stop in for a few minutes. 
Woman Dressed in Turn of the Century Clothing


After the museum and a relaxing time of sitting in park people watching, we went to our class. We made chocolate, but also learned how to make almond milk and tasted a strawberry shake made with it. It was so tasty and also very easy to make. 

Finally, after the class we went to a Vietnamese sandwich shop and had dinner together. One guy in a very colorful group suggested his favorite sandwich and another person in line suggested another. So we ordered one of each and they were both excellent choices!  

Even though we spent just a few hours on our date, it was a good time to reconnect after all the drama of the past few months. I'm so happy that Hubby thought to do it. One of the things that was worrying me lately was reading statistics of marriage difficulties for parents of kids with special needs. Our marriage is really good, and we've had the little ones with us for nine years, but the new diagnosis of Ms. D's MR scared me a bit. But even though Hubby and I do have a good marriage, I realize we need to do things to make sure it stays that way. And spending time together, without the kids, doing something interesting and fun, is one of the ways we can keep enjoying each other instead of drifting apart. Thanks, Hubby!

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