Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. I's Turnaround

Mr. I started the day on the wrong side of the bed. He fussed. He picked on his sister. He gave plenty of bad looks while I was trying to teach him. He even swore a little bit when I told him we'd pick up a neighbor kid.

Then I *made* him help us walk the dogs. Mr. I was not happy.

Until we saw a butterfly and I gave Mr. I my phone to take pictures.

He took pictures of the butterfly. He took pictures of flowers.

 I took a picture of Mr. I in a field of flowers.

 And Mr. I took more pictures of flowers, this time throwing them in the air.

 He climbed a cherry tree and took more pictures.

Mr. I was happier after that. At least he was happier until I left him this evening to go to my homeschool moms group. But Hubby took them out for frozen yogurt and had a good time of talking about keeping the kids safe. So while I got some social interaction and a focus on giving my burdens to God, one of my main concerns was being taken care of at home. We'll sure need a lot of help from God to keep these kids safe. I sure can't raise them alone!

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