Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today was a day of peace.

It must have been by the grace of God that it was calm, because there were plenty of potential triggers. Ms. D had a friend overnight, so she didn't have quite enough sleep. Mr. I was also a bit sleep deprived and started to get a little dysregulated a few times during the day. But those times were very short lived.

Just before bed Mr. I needed to have some laundry done. He told me he could do it, but when I came in to check on him, there were a couple things that needed correction or teaching. I asked him if he put the dried clothes in the basket and he said yes. Then I noticed that he only put a few clothes into the washer.  I asked him what we could do to be good to the earth. He told me that we could put more clothes in the washer. I could see that he was a bit put off that I would correct him, and he got a bit more upset when I started to take clothes out of the hamper and put them in the water. Why? Because that's where he put the clean clothes. I calmly told him that that's where dirty clothes go, not clean clothes. The clean laundry goes in the laundry basket after they are dried. Normally this situation, which wouldn't be a problem with a neuro-typical kid, would send Mr. I into a tailspin. But this time he controlled himself and went to the bathroom for a few minutes to cool off. He then was able to come to me for his bedtime prayer and snuggle a little bit.

I've been a bit worried for Ms. D the past few days. A girl in our local high school has been missing for a bit over a week. I've tried to talk to Ms. D about keeping safe and how we need to protect her. Unfortunately, she hasn't wanted to talk about it. But she did smile when I told her that Hubby checked up on her while she was out with a friend so that she could be safe.

It's hard to communicate how pleasantly surprised I am that the kids have done so well today and how peaceful I feel. It isn't a typical day, though it is how I'd like it to be more often. The peacefulness in our home today has truly been a gift.

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