Friday, March 16, 2012


Today Mr. I was stretched.  I told him that we would drop off a couple of things off at Grandson's house and then go to a Costco that he'd never been to before. The first part was OK, but the second? The thought of going to a new store sent him spinning. He talked fast about nothing in particular, had a hard time concentrating, and he kept changing his mind about whether he wanted to go or not. He really wanted to see Grandson; he adores his nephew. Yet the places we normally grocery shop were in the opposite direction. With gas so expensive, I didn't want to change plans and drive an extra 25 miles just because Mr. I was uncomfortable. I left it up to him to stay home with Hubby or come with me. He had a hard time making a decision, but he finally decided to come.

First we visited a bit with Grandson.

Then we went to Costco to get some groceries and something for the kids to eat. The strange Costco. The Costco that Mr. I became so dysregulated about visiting. Yes, that one.

The kids were too hungry to wait until I was done shopping. It was past lunchtime and they hadn't eaten much else earlier in the day. We had run out of what they wanted to eat, so they refused to eat a full meal for breakfast. I must not be the only mom to have almost full cupboards yet still hear kids complain there is *nothing* to eat. But since I really did have a time in my life when there was nothing to eat but mustard and spices when I came home hungry after school, I have little sympathy for their complaints.

So I gave them a choice that made them s.t.r.e.t.c.h even further. I said they could get something at the food court and meet me in the other part of the store if they didn't want to wait. They did it! Mr. I and Ms. D did a good job too! They returned the change to me when they found me. They smiled and were happy, even offering to help. Mr. I overcame his fear and behaved in a responsible way! Since then he's been regulated, happy, and content. I'm so glad he had this opportunity to grow.

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