Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Totally Unrelated Thoughts and Experiences

Thought number 1:

I didn't write for over a day because I assumed there wasn't much to say. After all, we haven't had a major crisis or illness lately, there hasn't been any seizures, and life has slowed down a bit. Of course when I think about it, our calmness would be someone else's chaos, but we become accustomed to a certain rhythm in our lives. It became apparent one day last week when one of our neighbors came by to pick up her daughter and remarked about how busy I was. I had thought things were pretty calm until I realized I was making dinner, searching for one daughter's uniform so her boyfriend could get it to her, watching the neighbor boys, and helping another neighbor girl with her homework while my younger kids were in and out playing with friends. Now I can't always do that much at once. The workload just happened to flow fairly easily that day. But it's interesting how my attitude and the stress I feel has more to do with what's going inside my head than what's going on outside of it. If I take the time to feed my spirit, soul, and body, I have more capacity to handle what life throws at me. It's something for me to remember if I feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Totally unrelated thought number 2:
I am getting so tired of this political season and it's only March. People have been calling each other names, friends accusing others of being uninformed, conspiracy theorists, or worse, and people attacking others personally instead of discussing and debating policies and platforms. I am getting tired of double standards and the misrepresentation of peoples' character, policies, and beliefs. An example that has been troubling me this week is that I keep getting ads, articles, and news clips that talk about the "Republican War on Women". Really? Is it a war on women to think that a religious hospital, employer, or organization should have the right to follow their beliefs and should not be forced to provide or pay for abortions or birth control? Now I don't agree fully with the traditional view of the Catholic church on birth control, but I feel a Catholic or any other religious organization or person should have the freedom to not have to fund or provide for something that is contrary to their beliefs. And people have the freedom go somewhere else. At least now they do. I'm afraid this is just another step in the eroding of our freedom of religion. Now that's what I feel the real war is about, not a war on women. 

Totally unrelated thought number 3:

I just had the (hopefully) last appointment with the psychologist at Kaiser. I still don't have Ms. D's cognitive testing report. The head of the department needs to sign off on it and he's been on vacation the past three weeks. Hopefully I'll get it soon so I can apply for the regional center. Because the psychologist doesn't think therapy would be beneficial to Ms. D because of her IQ, I'm thinking of looking elsewhere so she can learn to deal with stress better. She was in tears last night and didn't want to talk to us about her friend who got in trouble with her parents.  Her friend's conflict was pretty overwhelming to Ms. D.  Sometimes she seems able to comprehend situations, but other times she misses too many of the subtle social and intellectual parts of interactions.  She did talk to Birthdad on the phone about it though. It was interesting to hear her part of the conversation, which showed her concrete way of looking at the world. Hubby and I talked about telling Birthdad about Ms. D's IQ. He'd then be able to understand why she talks in certain ways. I think he'd be able to respond to her with even more understanding, although he seems to be doing pretty well already. I am still praying about what to say to Birthmom because of her limited capacity to think and handle stress. 

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