Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bees Don't Like Helicopters!

I found out today that bees don't like helicopters.

It makes sense, because the veteran beekeepers, including Hubby, always say that you don't mess with the bees if someone is mowing a lawn nearby. I guess to a bee, the thwump, thwump of a helicopter sounds just like the sound of lawn mower!

I was hanging my clothes outside, when I noticed a helicopter circling above. Soon after, a bee started dive bombing me. Normally those little girls are so gentle, but this one was really mad! So I went inside for a few minutes to let her cool off. But the half filled clothes basket and a few weeds were drawing me back, and I didn't wait for the helicopter to leave. That was a big mistake because the bee started after me again and got caught in my hair. I brushed it off, but she stung me on my forearm. I immediately scraped the stinger off with my fingernail, but I also had a handful of blackberry brambles. I scratched myself with those when I was scraping the stinger out. I then went into the house, put some ice on the sting, and then some baking soda paste. It really worked! The pain went away, and I actually have larger welts from the blackberries than I do from the sting!

Blackberry Scratches and a Round Bee Sting
So I learned something today. A few things, actually. If someone is mowing or if there is a helicopter, don't get impatient. Stay away from the bees until after that awful noise stops. Another thing, scraping the stinger out with your fingernail works well, and it keeps the poison from getting into you. But if you are holding blackberry brambles, drop them first! Also, ice and baking soda paste work well to keep the swelling down. I've heard using meat tenderizer is good too, but I don't have it.

Speaking of learning about insects, the field bug guy came by again to check the traps in our citrus trees. I talked to him a bit about the insects in our garden, about his job, and how he's been collecting bugs since he was a kid. I wish my kids were not as shy around people I want them to meet. It would have been good for them to learn a little about entomology. It's puzzling how they will bring a scruffy looking 18 year old into our house that says he is a relative on their birth family's side, yet they won't come out to our front yard with me and talk to an entomologist that can teach them something. It's not like I'm leaving them alone with a stranger!

Sometimes I think the bees are more predictable!

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