Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Education Workshop and Expo

Last Friday, Blackbelt Daughter and I went to an education workshop together. She is studying child development and is planning to get her teaching credential so she jumped at the chance to come with me. I was warned ahead of time that there would be a bit of marketing of education services or books, so I wasn't surprised by that, but I was still able to glean quite a few things from the night.

I learned about working memory and some things to do to improve it. I realized that this is the area that Ms. D has a lot of difficulty. The program the presenter offered is $1500 for five weeks, and they weren't sure it would help Ms. D, but I think this is an area that I can try to work on in our homeschool. I'll have to do a bit more research to see what we can do to stretch her reading comprehension. A couple of the things they taught were to verbally say three numbers, like 5, 8, 3, and then having the child point to the numbers in reverse order, 3, 8, 5. Another is to show nine dots on a grid, rotate the grid, and the child needs to press on the same dots where they are on the second view.

Another speaker taught on communications skills. He showed with the gorilla and the passing ball video.

I've seen this one before, but it really showed how most people are consumed and focused on the problem. We focus on what is important to us. The speaker used this to demonstrate that if we focus on failure we will justify failure. We need to focus on the solution, not the problem. We should not ask WHY, but what else can I do? He encouraged us to shift our energy and awareness, to walk while we pray. He had us all sit like we were feeling good, and to practice sitting, walking, standing in ways that make us feel great as often as we can. It projects confidence and energy whatever we do. And he told us a couple of his dangerous words that he wrote in his book. One is hope, because it projects no confidence, another word was try, because it means to attempt and a lack of commitment. He encouraged us to visualize success, to think more of celebrating after a test than on the test itself. And finally he talked about "lucky people" who had two commonalities. They expected to succeed and they took action.

The final workshop taught on how to help children learn better. It had so much information, I'll have to write about it another time.

After the workshop, my daughter and I had a sandwich and talked about how we could use some of the information learned with the younger kids. Easter break starts Friday, so I'll work on planning to implement something that I learned during this workshop. It works best for me to implement a few things at a time, rather than completely change our routine.

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