Thursday, April 5, 2012

Embarrassing the Teenagers!

There's nothing like embarrassing teenagers! I always joked about how it was my job of a mom of teens to embarrass them so much, they move out on their own when they hit eighteen. Of course, this didn't work well for the younger siblings, who saw that the twenty somethings would boomerang back home. It's a lot harder to live independently in the Bay Area than in most of the country. Rent is so expensive.

Well, today I had a chance to embarrass Ms. D and horrify another teen waiting in line at In & Out. I asked for a hat, and told the teen's mother what I was about to do. You should have seen the shock on the face of her daughter! I don't know if the girl was afraid of me, who would dare to wear the hat in front of all the people in the place, or if she was afraid her mom would do the same. But she was wide eyed and open mouthed just the same!

I followed through, and put the hat on. Ms. D ran out, declaring she didn't know me! Of course, I had to get a picture by the door! You can't see Ms. D because she is hiding behind the car. I think I may have embarrassed her, just a little!

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