Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family Flash Mob

Yesterday morning, as I was walking, a group of Mormons were gathering for a flash mob. Little did I know, later that day our family would have its own flash mob!

My brother in law was here from Seattle for the weekend, so I texted the family while I waited for Mr. I to finish his first football practice. And just like a flash mob, we gathered people from all over. We actually got the whole family together for pizza and bowling. There were thirteen of us, parents, uncle, all of our children and their wives and boyfriend, and of course, my little grandson!
Grandson having a great time being the center of attention!

 It isn't often that we can get everyone together, but the older kids, well, young adults, were going to have a sib night anyway. I really like it that they get along well enough to set aside time to spend together. Not all families are that close. I'm really thankful that they love each other and love each other's company.

We had a fun time eating, talking, bowling, and getting teased by Uncle. It's always a happy time with him. Hopefully, I'll get some more pictures of our evening from my sons. I always think of it after the fact, but I have to remember to get pictures of the whole family when we are able to get everyone together in one place. It's getting harder and harder as the family grows. I just get so excited to see everyone that I forget to get more group shots. I love my family!

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