Sunday, April 29, 2012

Guide Dog Puppy Training

Hubby took Ms. D to a guide dog puppy training today. If anyone knows Hubby, you can understand that even the thought of having a puppy in our house is a miracle. Of course, he knows how important guide dogs are to people. We have a friend who is blind who just found out he couldn't have one. There just aren't enough dogs to fill the needs. So Hubby thought that if Ms. D will take care of the puppy, go to the trainings, do what it takes to get approved, and give it back to the organization when it is time, then she can do it. Of course Ms. D is so good with dogs, I think she will do a good job.

So today they went to the first training. There were about a dozen puppies, people who trained, and a blind lady who explained things as well. As soon as Ms. D arrived, someone handed her a puppy to learn how to train during the class. Ms. D is a happy girl today!

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