Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ha! They Had Fun After All!

After yesterday's drama about not wanting to go to the SLAC kids' night, Mr. I and Ms. D enjoyed themselves! They came home happy, attached, and even told me their favorite parts of the night. They both liked the 3D simulation of the universe. The stars seemed to swoosh right by their heads. I don't know if they learned much about dark matter, but they certainly have a greater awe of creation! Mr. I was worried beforehand that the lecture on the laser imaging of fossils would be dull, but he said he really liked it. Ms. D told me about how she learned that flamingos are only pink because of the shellfish they eat, and that they fade if they don't get the right food. Hubby told me that scientists are close to discovering the colors of fossilized birds by using a laser to find the trace elements found in the fossils. They also measured the width of their hair and ate ice cream made by pouring liquid nitrogen into the ingredients and stirring.

Of course, Hubby said that it took the kids a while to settle in and relax. Ms. D had a time where she got overwhelmed by the crowds and asked to step out for a minute. But they were happy and involved for the last half of the night. I'm glad they went. It really wasn't that bad!

One of Hubby's Coworker's Family Measuring Their Hair Width

Astronomer Graffiti is Written All Over the Building

Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Doesn't it Look Good?

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