Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hubby's Friend Jimmy Was Murdered This Week

While visiting Cane Creek and Bankakut in Rama Territory, Nicaragua last summer, Hubby met a man named Jimmy. We got word yesterday that Jimmy was murdered on his farm this week. The Rama people are an indigenous tribe that has land set aside for them in Nicaragua's eastern coast. There has been a number of Hispanic people who have illegally encroached on their territory and cause problems for the Rama and the environment. The Hispanics have been known to steal cattle and not treat the land well. And now there is strong suspicion that one of them killed Jimmy.

Jimmy leaves behind a wife and five children who are in their teens and twenties. Hubby is hoping that one of Jimmy's children will continue to farm, but there is so much fear. Jimmy was one of the leaders of the Cane Creek area and welcomed Hubby when he visited. They had great talks and got to know each other then. Hubby was hoping to help Jimmy to find a USA market for the chocolate he grew on about five acres. Hubby has been greatly saddened by this. He's hoping to help Jimmy's family through his non-profit.

Jimmy Harvesting Chocolate

Jimmy in a Rama House

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