Monday, April 16, 2012

Importance of Support

I went to my homeschool moms' group this evening.  I specifically picked this one because so many of us have kids with special needs. Because of this there isn't the subtle competition to outdo your neighbor, as there had been in other groups.  No, in this group, women are real. We are transparent. My kids and I aren't shunned because they may rage, or say or do something inappropriate. We can love and be loved unconditionally. Encouragement and prayer are given and received. Advice is handed out with humility, and permission is given to not follow that advice if it doesn't work for your family. And though we all have kids in different places academically, spiritually, and psychologically, I see I'm not alone. Some of the kids in our group are gifted, and some struggle, but they are all accepted. There is the recognition that none of us is perfect, and we are all growing.

So tonight I was able to tell of last week's struggles, the rages, pseudo seizures, and even the playing with fire incident I didn't write about here until now. I was also able to hear of other women's struggles that reminded me I'm not the center of the universe. It's so easy, when I'm in the midst of a crisis, to think that I'm the only one who is struggling. But a pity party of one is not fun!

I also love my group because those who aren't struggling now, have struggled in the past. I think that's where the humility comes from. They are an encouragement to me to keep looking to God, and press on to finish the race. There is hope. There is peace. There is joy.

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