Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meeting Tia

Last night we were able to meet the kids' aunt while we dropped off some more bread after church. Birthmom, Tia, and an uncle who died are triplets, so it was fun seeing the family resemblance. Tia had some of the same mannerisms as Birthmom and Ms. D. Tia joked about how so many of the family stare in mirrors for a loooong time, and that's what Ms. D does! Tia wanted to pray with us, though the kids were very reluctant. I hope the kids' stage of pushing God away doesn't last much longer. It's pretty hard for me.

Hubby let the queens out of their little cages today. The bees are really liking their new home. They even started to make some new comb already.

Today we are having a family over for dinner. I hope it goes well. One of them is the person who rubbed me the wrong way a few weeks ago during the homeschool meeting. It will take all the strength I have to bless and not lash back if he continues to offend me, but it might just go well. However it goes, it's not good for me to continue to think badly of the guy and hold an offense in my heart. Since it is not a professional relationship which I can just ignore and find someone else, I'm going to have to deal with it sooner or later. In the meantime, I'm pretty anxious about our get together tonight.

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