Friday, April 20, 2012

Moms Get Pulled in All Sorts of Directions!

Today the plan was for me to go to a homeschool conference. I would attend learn about leadership, help a friend with her workshop, and later be joined by the rest of my darling family. We would learn, enjoy sweet fellowship with other home schoolers, and try to not spend too much on curriculum. Good plan.

Do you want to know what really happened?

I drove in rush hour traffic to the conference. I saw an almost accident right beside me. A car had to stop quickly in traffic right next to me because his lane stopped suddenly. It was a good thing that I kept going because he skidded 90 degrees, sticking out into both lanes beside him. No one got bumped. It was pretty impressive.

I was able to attend the first half of the homeschool leadership conference. Then at the lunch break I got a message from hubby that Ms. D finally woke up and was having pseudo-seizures. She had a sore throat for two or three days, but there were no spots or white patches so I just waited and watched. But the combo of a sore throat, fever, cramps, and seizures were more than the rest of the family could handle, so I went home to make a doctor appointment for her. She had another seizure while I was home before we had to leave. Hubby went with us to the doctor because, one, I didn't think I could carry all 100 lbs. of Ms. D if she had another seizure, and two, I planned to go back to the conference to fulfill my promise to help out at my friend's workshop. Ms. D had a hard time at the doctor's so I ended up staying the whole time, thus missing my obligation to the conference. I hope they understand.

So I'm going to stay home the rest of the day. I need to practice being a better homeschool mom instead of learning how to be a better homeschool mom. Maybe I'll be able to go tomorrow if my older daughters can hang around and help her. But right now, Ms. D is needing her mommy.

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