Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Store Anxiety

This evening Hubby went to his class, we were out of milk, and a new Walmart opened in town. So I got the great idea of taking an exploratory expedition with Microbio daughter and the kiddos. Sounds fun, right?

This did not sit well with Mr. I when I told him the plans as he walked in the door. First he didn't want to go. Then he did. When I told Mr. I to eat something before we left, he said he wasn't hungry. Then as I got my jacket, he said he needed to eat something first. Instead of eating the homemade chicken pot pie I made for supper, he wanted leftovers. I told him that was OK, but after I said that, guess what? He wanted to eat what we ate. Then he said he didn't want to go with us to the store.

Do you see a pattern here?

At this point I told Mr. I he had no more choice. He had to go with us. So on the way to the store, his leg started to itch. He yelled that his leg was too itchy and he had to go home. Now! I had Ms. D pass some lotion back to Mr. I for his leg. No, he didn't want lotion, he had to go home, now, to take a shower. He was scratching his leg so hard by this time, he didn't complain that it itched. Now it hurt. Bad! He wanted to go home! Couldn't I understand? 

I understood. Mr. I was afraid to go to a new store with me. He would never admit it, but he was. 

Fortunately, everything went well. The signs were the same. The products were the same. We found a $5 DVD of 25 John Wayne movies. Mr. I loves John Wayne movies. As we were looking in the bin, an older man told us a corny joke about a man who lost his left arm and left leg, but everything was all right. Mr. I laughed. And he survived. 

Nothing bad happened at the new store.

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