Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pulling and Picking

Before it starts to rain again, I feel the urge to get control of my yard. I had let it go again, so it's been very overgrown. So yesterday I put in quite a bit of time and finished weeding a bed this morning.  Because I try not to use chemicals on our plants, being as organic as possible, the answer to the mess was a lot of muscle work!  I really felt the muscles this morning, especially the back of my legs and arms, so maybe I'll work off some of the weight I gained this winter.

Here is the pile of weeds from our front yard:

I gave weeds from the back yard to the chickens and rabbits. They really like to munch on them, especially the blackberry vines. We planted what was supposed to be thornless blackberries a few years ago. Some were thornless, but others weren't. I'm still pulling those things up. They are so hard to get rid of! At least the bunnies enjoy them!

I also picked 25 pounds of lemons from the lemon tree. It hardly made a dent! Citrus keeps better on the tree than after they are picked, but I need to pick the rest of the lemons before they go much farther. We've been harvesting so many lemons this year. We had a bumper crop.

This picture was a little fuzzy, but you can get an idea of how many lemons there are. You can also see how much weeding I still need to do in this part of the yard!

These are the lemons after I picked them. There was exactly 12.6 pounds of lemons in each bag for a total of 25 pounds. Hubby squeezed one of the bags last night and got almost half a gallon of lemon juice. I'll freeze some and make lemonade out of the rest.

I just got an app for my phone to help me keep up with the housework. I'll write a review after using it for a week or so. I added doing a little gardening each day so that I keep up with it. If I'm going to grow as much food as I'd like, I can't let things go.

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