Monday, April 2, 2012

Roof Garden

Earlier today I needed to get outside for a little bit. One friend had her appointment with the neurosurgeon because the doctor found a brain tumor last week. The news was better this week. It is, according to the doctor, the best kind of tumor to have if you're going to have one, but I'm still concerned. She was our amazing social worker when we were still fostering our kids. She later adopted a child, and really understands what we have gone through, so she has a special place in our heart.

I also got news of another friend's sister-in-law in her early thirties who died suddenly today and a shooting at a Christian college. I need to get better at praying and then giving burdens to God. I feel so deeply for all of these people. Getting out in the fresh air, looking at the beauty of God's creation, helps me to focus on the good in this world. So I climbed the ladder and took a little break.

Our roof garden is coming along nicely. I haven't been doing much with it, and it probably needs a little fertilizer, but things are still growing.  I think we'll be able to harvest some kale soon. I like to be able to get a little here, and a little there, just pulling the outer leaves off a bit at a time.

I planted some lettuce and bak choi in another pot. I'll eat them as I thin, so the plants have room to grow.

I also sat on the edge of the roof for a little bit, watching the bees go in and out of their hive.

I had to move after a few minutes, though. I noticed that I was in one of their flight paths to the entrance, and didn't want to have a little bee get caught in my hair. It's good to see how active the colonies are right now. In a week or two we'll check to see if the queen is laying brood.

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