Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Family Pictures

Photography Son sent some pictures of our bowling outing the other day. The lighting in the bowling alley was horrible for pictures, so I was surprised that we got some good ones out of it. There were colored lights, it was dim, and the shadows cast were sharp. If my son can get some decent pictures with this lighting, imagine what he could do with better light! Not all the pictures were taken by him, he is in a couple himself, but I'm pretty sure he tweaked a few of them before passing them on to me. He knows how much I love to see pictures of the family, and I'm not so discriminating as he would probably hope! I love just about all of them! The pictures, that is... I love ALL of my family!

MicroBio Daughter and Me

Here We Are with Photography Son's Wife

Hubby, Photography Son and His Wife, and Mr. I


Oldest Son and Family

Oldest Son Showing His Bowling Moves


BlackBelt Daughter and Boyfriend

Uncle Teasing Ms. D

Mr. I

MicroBio Daughter
As I'm writing the captions down for these pictures, I'm realizing I need to figure out some better nicknames for the family. I haven't even figured out anything for my beautiful daughters in law. And if I get any more grandsons, I'll be in a bind. Maybe my family can let me know what they would like to be called...Hint, Hint!

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